“We Were Here” revisits 1980’s AIDS crisis to inform younger generation

From Salon.com:

The director of a new documentary says younger generations need to be familiar with the horrors of the early ’80s

The AIDS epidemic hit San Francisco’s gay community in the early ’80s like a mysterious plague, killing thousands before anyone knew exactly what it was. It wasn’t that long ago, but the fear and devastation of those days may have been swept aside in the  rushes for the cure and activism that’s followed, even as AIDS remains a worldwide pandemic.

That the horror of those days has been forgotten — or never learned — by younger generations inspired David Weissman’s “We Were Here,” an effective and moving documentary that revisits the harrowing era through the eyes of a handful of people who lived through it. Three decades later, they’re still trying to make sense of what happened.

Read an interview with the film’s creator, David Weissman on Salon.com.

You can see a preiview of the film at the film’s official Website, wewereherefilm.com and on PBS.org/independentlens.


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