$1 million in grants to help keep HIV-positive people in care

AIDS United , a national organization dedicated to ending the AIDS epidemic in the United States, recently announced $1 million in grants  to seven organizations from diverse communities across the U.S. to help define and expand programs that help keep HIV-positive people in care and on treatment. The grants are part of a new $4 million multi-year Retention in Care Initiative supported by the MAC AIDS Fund .

AIDS United Logo“Over the next three years, our grantees will be developing innovative and intensive ways to work with people living with HIV/AIDS in their communities and ensure they are consistently retained in the life-saving care they need,” said Mr. Michael Kaplan, AIDS United President and CEO.

Retention in care is a critical part of the “treatment cascade”—the continuum of care from diagnosis of HIV infection and active linkage to care, to initiation of treatment and treatment adherence to achieve eventual viral suppression—meaning no detectable HIV in the blood.

Read more on AIDS.gov.


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