What long-term HIV survivors should ask their doctors

From thebody.com

By turning 60, you have achieved something that most people living with HIV never thought possible. I am sure you have developed many skills to remain healthy and optimistic as you age with a disease that has killed millions.

I am right behind you (57 years old and 33-plus years of infection), so I have been actively researching the HIV and aging topic by necessity and as a way to remain in control of my health. I believe that it is our job to remind our busy health care providers about new guidelines for people like us.

Over a quarter of people living with HIV in the United States are now over 50 years of age. Like all aging humans, there are things we need to monitor. Unfortunately, it has been shown that some aging-related conditions occur more frequently in people with HIV, so we need to remain empowered and resilient as we challenge this pesky virus at its own game.

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